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  • Height: 5' 7" (172 cm)
  • Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Hostess at big stores and marketing fairs
  • Country: France

Lady, chic, sexy, skyscraper

Fabi has everything a girl could possibly want: sweet, beautiful, charming, with a winning smile and a magnetic personality.

WHICH IS odd considering Fabi lacks the confidence all these assets normally inspire. Fabi would like to have larger, more shapely breasts (they are more than adequate as far as we are concerned); she wants to have a more memorable, more interesting face which, again, would merely be gilding the lily. As the Arabs say, only Allah is perfect, and Fabi is as close as it gets.

Fabi is a real Parisian lady, chic, sexy, skyscraper tall with long, shiny dark hair that she flicks casually over shoulders, and a smile that would melt the hardest heart. She works as a hostess at big stores and marketing fairs, handing out flyers and promoting products with the sheer power of her presence.

At 21, she is new to nude modeling and nurtures a secret ambition to be a singer.

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