Master the genital massage (and become a legend)

Women need time in bed. You can probably come faster than a speeding bullet in a tornado. But she needs to build up to that big moment. Most women need about 20 to 30 minutes of stimulation before they climax.

That’s a long time right? So the first rule is to stop looking at the clock. In fact, if you can see a clock, throw it out the window. Just accept that she’s going to need the attention of your fingers for a while.

And don’t rush to the main destination. Her clitoris may be where the ultimate action will be, but the final moment will be so much more powerful if you tease her, building that anticipation. Your patience will be rewarded.

In this movie you’re going to learn the techniques of the professional genital massage. Build some of these finger and hand movements into your routine and you’ll soon have her back arching with intense pleasure.

The feeling you’ll get when your girl enjoys an orgasmic explosion will also send you wild. And when you’re done with her, guess who’s next? So watch now, pay attention and become a master of the genital massage.

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